Agent based life cycle simulations

For the last year or so I have been researching and developing an agent based model for fisheries management applications. Specifically, the model simulates very detailed information on a simulated fish population through their egg, larvae and juvenile life stages (the use of more life stages is also possible). This allows for the investigation of population dynamics due to anthropogenic impacts on these early stages. It is a full life cycle model – so reproduction, aging, and various sources of mortality are also simulated for adult fish. This is done in a less detailed age structured model component. This tool is not quite production ready, and is being actively developed on github. With the help of some colleagues, a full description of the model will be submitted for publication in the near future. For now, here is a visualization of the relative abundance of a cohort of fish through space and time:

Fish movement
The movement and survivorship of a fish population is simulated in our agent based model. This agent based model follows the first two years of life of fish before they enter an age structured adult population. The above animation shows the relative abundance of fish in a waterbody over 104 weeks.

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